EE delivers 5G wifi to Glastonbury 2019

British mobile network operator, EE has just announced that it will be delivering 5G wifi to this year’s Glastonbury music festival. But why? And what does this mean for the future of event organisation? We explain all here. What is 5G? 5G is a shorthand for ‘5th generation’, which relates to the generation of wifi

Palm oil: The good, the bad, and the opportunity

You’ve probably heard of the palm oil dispute in the news recently. With increased awareness, we’ve all gotten to better understand its importance, the issues associated with it, as well as why we can’t simply stop using it. Here’s a basic rundown of both sides of the story. The case for palm oil As you

Eco friendly promotional products and why you should invest in them

A report from Unilever states that over 33% of consumers prefer to purchase from brands that are doing some kind of societal or environmental good. So, if you can provide eco friendly promotional products, then it stands to suggest that you’ll attract more customers. Here’s how to do it.