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What is PPC advertising?

PPC (Pay Per Click) is an online advertising process allowing advertisers to display ads for their products and services when potential customers type relevant keywords and queries into search engines such as Google.

With PPC, the advertiser is only charged when a user clicks on the ad, plus you control how much you pay for each click and how much budget to allocate to your advertising campaigns, so you’ll never overspend.

PPC Strategy

Our PPC experts are a friendly group of online advertising gurus that offer a personalised approach. We have a wealth of experience in search marketing and we understand how to effectively optimise for a search engine. 

We leverage this knowledge and experience to help build strategic PPC campaigns that drive business growth. 

Our PPC strategy is an organised and tested model, which is always being adapted to keep up to date with the latest trends in PPC. Our process includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Commercial strategy development
  • Knowledge of conversion tracking
  • Focused ad text copywriting
  • Creation and implementation
  • Optimisation and testing
  • Campaign monitoring and analysis
  • Targeted landing pages

We provide an honest and transparent management service to ensure your paid advertising continues to deliver and achieve results. This involves members of our team of PPC experts monitoring and improving your campaigns on a daily basis. We’ll also produce monthly reports to identify any trends and monitor potential future actions.

Google Adwords Services

We are a fully certified Google PPC agency and our expertise doesn’t just stop with Google search. Our understanding of PPC and our customer-driven approach gives you access to a unique account management service.

Google search marketing

Google search ads is an advertising model in which advertisers bid for certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google search results above organic results.

Adwords is the ideal channel to develop and expand any search marketing campaign, and with the right account structure and objectives, you can achieve astounding results.

Google remarketing

Remarketing involves using well-tested techniques, to guide website visitors back to your site and specific pages by showing them a range of personalised display ads. This is an effective and cost-efficient marketing tool to target customers at different stages of the buying process. Our Graphic Design and PPC teams work together to implement creative display ads on a range of platforms.

Google shopping advertising

If you’re a retailer, you can use Google shopping campaigns to promote your online and local inventory, boost traffic to your website or physical shop and maximise leads. We ensure your shopping feeds are optimised to make it simpler for Google to display your information through ads highlighting the key information.

Google display advertising

Display is a form of advertising that conveys a message visually using images, text, logos, animations and other graphics. Using a range of creative software, we’re able to create unique display campaigns that promote your business to your target audience.

Why choose eclipse marketing?

At eclipse marketing, we have produced successful pay-per-click advertising campaigns that have brought an excellent return on investment for all of our clients and across a wide range of sectors including new homes, legal, travel and leisure.

We can manage all aspects of your PPC campaigns no matter what your objectives may be. You’ll also benefit from having one dedicated, expert PPC team that has worked across multiple industries, allowing you to rest assured that your campaigns will be highly efficient, receive consistent management and generate detailed reporting at all times.

  • We focus on making your PPC experience more effective, increasing the quality of your traffic while reducing your costs.
  • eclipse marketing is a fully certified Google agency and all of our PPC experts are qualified in Google search, display, shopping and remarketing
  • We offer a free initial consultation to understand your goals of implementing PPC and gain an overall understanding of your business and industry. 
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