Amazon PPC Services

What are Amazon ads?

Are you thinking of implementing Amazon ads but not sure where to start? Our Amazon PPC specialists have advanced knowledge and years of experience in developing efficient campaigns to increase brand awareness and improve sales. 

Amazon has quickly become the largest online retailer and Amazon sponsored product ads are becoming extremely lucrative for any e-commerce business.

Amazon search and display ads appear in the search result pages as banner or display ads above the organic result listing. These ads are pay-per-click, and lead users to your specified page on Amazon. 

For the average seller, it can take months to show up in Amazon’s top organic search results. However, with Amazon pay per click (PPC) ads, you are able to quickly get your products to the top of search results and other key placements on the Amazon website.

Our versatile experts work with a range of budgets and are able to outperform competitors and maximise conversions no matter what your product may be.

Audit & Research 

We ensure time is allocated at the start of every project to understand your business and objectives whilst monitoring your industry as a whole. This helps us to get the knowledge we need to reach your target audience through ads and gain a competitive advantage. 

We will run an audit to uncover the current position of PPC campaigns in your sector and highlight potential action points. We will then discuss your key objectives and develop a plan of action.

Competitor Analysis 

For our paid search campaigns to be successful, it is vital to target the relevant audience. We work with you to create a custom persona, which will inform our strategy and ensure we are creating an engaging campaign that delivers conversions. To achieve this, we use a range of intelligence tools, to analyse the campaigns of your competitors, identifying their strategy and targeted keywords. 

Amazon PPC strategy 

Once we get to know your business, we are able to create and implement a successful PPC strategy that will increase traffic to your product pages and maximise sales. We are constantly testing content, placements, CTA extensions and much more to ensure campaigns are fully optimised. 

We also make sure you’re always kept in the loop with up-to-date monthly reviews of your campaigns.

Why choose eclipse marketing? 

  • We manage all aspects of your Amazon PPC campaigns no matter your objectives.
  • You’ll benefit from one dedicated, expert PPC team working across multiple industries, ensuring your campaigns are highly efficient and receive, consistent management and detailed reporting.
  • We take your customers on a journey to discover your product, love your product and share your product.
  • We focus on making your PPC experience more effective, increasing the quality of your traffic while reducing your costs.
  • We offer a free initial consultation to understand your goals of implementing PPC and gain an overall understanding of your business and industry.

Ready to enhance and explore new and effective Amazon ads? Our team are ready to help.

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