User Experience Services

When you have an idea for a website you’ll know what you want the visitor to do and where you want them to go, whether it’s learning more about one of your services or buying a product.

But that isn’t always the only reason a potential customer visits your website and your customers don’t necessarily want to be told what they should be doing.

We identified this a long time ago and discovered that the best results come from user-friendly websites that let the visitor do what they feel like doing (within reason).

Our web design and development team tap into how your customers might be feeling when they reach key milestones when they visit various areas of your website, they then design and build your website based on this intuitive approach.

Streamlined UX is in our DNA

If the UX is clunky and your website is slow, lacks functionality where your visitors might expect it or the design and navigation is confusing, your potential customers will be left frustrated and the likelihood is, they probably won’t be back anytime soon.

To make sure your UX is the best it can be, our web design and development team take a mobile-first approach, ensuring your customers have the best experience whatever device they are using.

They then test, test and test again leaving no stone unturned, resulting in your website’s user experience being second to none.

Our web design and web development team also work side by side to deliver faster, more exciting UX experiences that keep your customers coming back time and time again, increasing the profitability of your website and your business as a whole.

Every website we design and build is crafted with exceptional UX at its heart and if you’ve already got a website up and running we can also integrate unique UX features into your existing website to improve the overall user experience when people visit your website.

If your website could use a little UX TLC we’d love to help.

Chatbots for business

At eclipse marketing, our chatbots/live chat functions are built with your business in mind. You can choose the setup that’s right for your business and have custom pop-ups created that are specific to your consumers’ needs.

With the right chatbot, your target customers can easily get in touch with you and receive a timely response to their questions. Alternatively, you could have a live chat function, so that you can have a true one-to-one experience with your customers.

If you want to improve the UX of your website and elevate your customer service to a new level, our team can help you integrate the perfect chatbot for your business needs.

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