Georgie’s Beauty Salon

Georgie’s Beauty Salon is the brainchild of Georgina Faye Allwood. The salon is the perfect location to relax, with expert therapists offering a wide range of treatments and services in a stylish yet tranquil setting.

Georgies loyalty cards

Brand Identity

As a startup business, it was essential that Georgie’s made a statement and became instantly recognisable with their customers.

The eclipse marketing studio team conceptualised and designed stunning visuals including a brand new logo, signage, a wide range of printed media and strong social media creatives that capture the essence of Georgie’s brand and leave a lasting impression.

Website Design

Our web whizzes worked alongside our design team to build a brand new custom website that acts as a gateway between customers and Georgie’s Beauty Salon.

The website is fully SEO optimised, and mobile-friendly, ensuring Georgie’s can capitalise on any potential business opportunities no matter which device their clients may be using to search for them.

Georgie's beauty salon social

Social Media

Georgie’s social media presence has gone from strength to strength under our guidance. Our digital experts have built Georgie’s social media channels including Facebook and Instagram, from the ground up and both followers and engagement levels continue to rise as our digital experts continually adapt to the demands of Georgie’s social media audience.

Our team frequently refresh Georgie’s digital content with a focus on engagment with regular interactive posts, animations and with shareability remaining at the core of every asset that is produced.

Georgie's price list

Print Media

As well as stunning visual assets, our design team also designed a range of printed media both for the launch of the brand and for use on an ongoing basis.

Assets included price lists, gift vouchers, loyalty cards, leaflets and appointment cards.